Getting started with TMS

Prior to Starting:

Before commencing your TMS treatment, our team will conduct a screening session to ensure your suitability and eligibility for TMS.

We will also discuss any out-of-pocket expenses for TMS treatment. For your convenience, this can be arranged over the telephone.

  • Referral

    To start your TMS journey, we will require a referral from your general practitioner or treating psychiatrist. Once we receive this referral, we can start scheduling your sessions.

  • Initial Assessment

    Your initial assessment involves a consultation with our psychiatrist, who will gather information about your specific conditions and current medications. This step is vital to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances. 

    During this assessment, we will also provide a clear explanation of the TMS procedure, aiming to ensure you have a thorough grasp of how TMS works and feel comfortable with the therapy process.

    Before commencing treatment, we will need to determine your correct TMS treatment dose, which will be undertake by the psychiatrist.  This is known as a ‘mapping’ session or RMT. 

  • Treatment Sessions

    TMS treatment sessions usually occur five days a week, with the exact frequency discussed and tailored to your needs. Patients typically undergo 20-30 sessions, gradually reducing session frequency as treatment progresses towards the end. To monitor your progress, we will request that you complete objective rating scales before and during your treatment course.

  • Completion

    Upon completion of your TMS treatment, your care will transition back to your referring doctor. If you wish to pursue additional treatment beyond this point, a new referral will be required.

Please note, North Coast TMS is a provider of TMS services.  We do not take over care of your patient but provide support around the safe and effective provision of TMS.