About Us

North Coast TMS are specialists in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy located in Byron Bay, Australia.

Our Values

At North Coast TMS, we are more than just a clinic – we are a team of caring clinicians who genuinely want the best for our patients.

We understand that the path to better mental health can be tough, and we are here to support you with empathy and expertise.

We take our work seriously and provide high quality, evidence based TMS therapy.

Dr James Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein is our dedicated psychiatrist who brings years of experience and knowledge in TMS therapy. He has been a part of TMS research and treatment since 2014, helping hundreds of patients along the way. 

Dr. Goldstein’s experience with TMS started with 6 months of Advanced Training in Neurostimulation at the Black Dog Institute, Sydney, where he was involved in both research and clinical TMS. It led to TMS publications in peer-reviewed journals. 

He is a senior Psychiatrist, who has been working as a doctor within the mental health sector for over 15 years.